Talent School Concept

Real-life learning

The location of each school in the Nobel Education Network is selected based on the region’s attractiveness and its relevance to a topic in a global context. The city of Vienna, for instance, offers the most inspiring environment for students of classical music. Dynamic Ho Chi Minh City puts young entrepreneurs at the heart of a vibrant emerging economy. Each Nobel Talent School will promote bilingualism and nurture students to be global citizens though a combination of the rigorous International Baccalaureate curriculum and the Project-Based Learning methodology.

Unique schools, shared goals

Although each and every Nobel Talent School is a world-class institution in its own right, the unique spirit of Nobel Education Network will become evident in the way the schools work together to achieve a shared goal. What makes Nobel Education Network unique is that our schools mutually support each other in the academic instruction and talent discovery of their specialization, making success a team effort.

Our schools assist each other by exchanging teachers, students, ideas and methodologies. This knowledge sharing enables a progressive learning atmosphere. Programs are continually strengthened and students are given the opportunity to refine their talent in a greater variety of fields.

Nobel Education Network will provide access to a plethora of globally relevant specializations in global cities, allowing our students’ skills to be developed to their maximum potential through exchange, collaboration, and technology.

Value creation through expertise and cooperation under a global brand

Nobel Education Network goes further than traditional school operators. It accelerates growth by implementing best management practices in each of its schools but that is only the start.

A broad-based, international curriculum with specialization in a topic will allow schools to stand out from a faceless competition. Each Nobel School will be globally recognized in its area of expertise and attract talented students and teachers as well as industry support.

Network effects will be created through leveraging remote classroom technology, joint sales and marketing and professional development programs. Optional student exchanges will generate additional revenue at school level.

While other businesses are already thriving on the effects of global connectivity, Nobel Education is bringing these benefits to the world of international schools.


With all Nobel Talent Schools working towards a common goal, we create a spirit of exchange. Students and teachers are given the opportunity to study or teach in the various Nobel Talent Schools, providing an exchange of experiences, skills, and enrichment between the host schools and the participants. This provides a platform for students and teachers to share their knowledge, resources, and educational materials.